Webcor transforms construction of one of Los Angeles’ tallest residential buildings

  • 57 stories, 785 units
  • Developer: Brookfield Properties
  • Contractor: Webcor

The Challenge:

The largest office landlord in downtown Los Angeles, Brookfield Properties wanted to play a role in the evolution of the area as a great place to live, work, and play. It turned to Webcor to bring its vision for the future to reality in turning a long-vacant lot into one of the tallest residential buildings in Los Angeles and a keystone property for Brookfield.


The Solution: 

Since its founding in 1971, Webcor has been committed to craftsmanship and innovation. One of the only general contractors in California to earn the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 standard, it is known for processes and outcomes that are of the highest quality. 


As construction got underway at the downtown Los Angeles site, Webcor learned about the SiteAware Build-to-Plan platform, which provides real-time intelligence that finds deviations between construction plans and fieldwork. Webcor discovered that the platform could be deployed even midway through a project, and the team was eager to try it out. 


Webcor implemented the Build-to-Plan platform at level 41 to provide actionable observations, and the solution quickly became a must-have addition to the workflow. Webcor’s team not only realized immediate improvements to performance but also gained insight into issues that had persisted throughout  previously poured floors. 


Build-to-Plan enabled Webcor to prevent errors in real time and empower its team to become an even more proactive, cohesive unit by: 

  • Ensuring adherence to plans: By scanning concrete formwork and systems before each pour, The Build-to-Plan platform identified a series of plumbing sleeves that were off by four to six inches during installation. This enabled Webcor to correct the errors before concrete was poured and not repeat the mistake.

  • Serving as a last line of defense: The Build-to-Plan platform uncovered that the fire protection subcontractors’ surveying equipment had been miscalibrated, leading to issues with the layout that caused sleeves to be installed incorrectly. The real-time insights delivered by Build-to-Plan enabled the team to revise the improperly installed elements, eliminating downstream setbacks and delays.  

  • Streamlining QC for the façade: Using the Build-to-Plan platform for this project streamlined the façade quality control process, allowing Webcor to verify the installation of every square inch of the exterior as it was being installed—something that’s not possible with manual QC.  The Build-to-Plan platform also supported Webcor in creating a high-quality façade built to last. The technology identified many unseated gaskets and missing coupling bars, preventing waterproofing deficiencies and warranty concerns from Day One and down the line. The technology also identified missing intermittent stabilization anchors (ISAs), which traditionally would not have been found until the BMU, and helped the team anticipate and complete repairs. 

With automated verification of every installed element in real time, the SiteAware Build-to-Plan delivered significant value to Webcor, its subcontractors, and its client. Webcor has an established legacy of building structures of superior quality and continuously looking for ways to improve its processes, and Build-to-Plan increased the certainty of delivery in a way that made the process more efficient, prevented errors, and enhanced communication. Webcor has since incorporated the platform’s data-driven insights into other projects, including one with Tishman Speyer and the San Francisco Giants.

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