My Favorite Construction Productivity Paradox

My Favorite Construction Productivity Paradox

Here is a productivity paradox for you: “how can 15 people gain at least an hour a week more field time by spending an hour a week at the office?”

Right…, this is not really a paradox but more a ‘puzzle’ which has a clear straight forward answer.

The answer is this:

What is this?

This is the SiteAware Viewer with its 3D Annotation tool on an updated model of the jobsite, used to prepare and conduct a weekly trade coordination meeting with 15 people in the trailer on-site.

So why is that the answer? The use of our digital replica solution by a customer of ours, resulted in saving about 1 hour per week of his trade meeting duration, which usually takes over 2 hours and involves 15 people. This is about 7 hours a week or about 6 days a month added to the project productivity!

But this is not all there is to it. The additional “after-effects” are that coordination between subs increases, clarity is improved, less confusion happens later, so work is better streamlined and less errors are likely to happen.

I am sure that by now, the paradox is clear… and what I hope resonates even more is how with SiteAware, digital transformation of the on-site activities can increase productivity and quality.

Gil Mildworth
Gil Mildworth

With 25 years of executive business roles, marketing and strategic planning in highly complex technological environments, Gil Mildworth is passionate about business value creation by innovation. Gil is a Talpiot graduate, and holds M.Sc. in EE and B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics.

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