Here’s How Automation Can Deliver Actionable Insights

Here’s How Automation Can Deliver Actionable Insights

The drive to be competitive and innovative as a general contractor or owner has never been greater or more important. Those that are first movers and establish a basis and a culture of innovation are the ones that will excel, flourish and stand out among the rest in a low margin business. Showing innovative approaches are now nice to have’s but the near term will demand that all projects and bids lead with innovation to improve quality, reduce project risk, improve communications and reduce costs.

Big data is a thing of the past, cloud is passé, these are all a given in the tech world and while some GC’s have invested in innovation, the majority have not, but changing a notoriously conservative low-tech industry is a challenge. This change is inevitable, not in the long term but now. There are many industry journals that can attest to this including the McKenzie report.

Streamlining data that is usable is the key. This means having solutions and processes in place that support construction not hinder it. This means that GC’s should have oversight but not be bogged down in activities that are not a core competency. Investing, building and operating must be the focus and any significant deviation from that is a waste of time and money. That said, investments are required but the payoff is huge and the cost of not participating in the digitization of the job site is even greater.

How to find the right balance of investment?

One strategy is focus on automating processes that either currently take too long, take too many resources or are simply not effective. Jobsites have been collecting data on jobsites since the beginning of time and truthfully with very few advancements up until recently. Even the approaches today for organizing data, files, images still require a tremendous amount of time by tech teams at GC’s or owners to make sense of the data or to make the data usable in the field. Another strategy is to work with a tech company that is focused, operationally efficient and one that can also be a true partner working with a GC as they grow.

The market for advancement in construction tech is hot as many companies race to fil the void. SiteAware, while on the surface, may appear similar to others that have jumped into the fold but it’s critical to “peel back the onion” to understand the difference between those that are either largely marketing or operations focused and those, like SiteAware, that are laser focused on a particular niche and that is, being the premier construction solution for automating the delivery of actionable insights and analytics to the field, to VDC managers and to owners. 


We do this by creating the highest quality repeatable digital replicas of job sites that are used by our customers throughout the life cycle of a project. 



Customers are using our SaaS cloud-based deliverables for pursuits, inspections, automated progress reporting and project documentation based on best in class algorithms and for comparing BIM architectural plans to actual work that is being done. Our solution automates the process from start to finish with minimal interaction from the customer allowing GC’s and owners to focus on what they do best while improving efficiencies, dramatically improving governance through documentation, reducing risk and rework and helping projects to increase likelihood of the project being on time and with better quality.

While services companies can temporarily meet some needs, a true software company, like SiteAware, that automates data capture, data processing and online analytics/deliverables is a far better long-term solution.

Craig Ginsberg
Craig Ginsberg
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