Introducing the SiteAware Blog

Introducing the SiteAware Blog

My name is Ori, and I am the CEO and co-founder of SiteAware.

It’s with great pleasure that I get to introduce our new blog. We will use the blog to share insights from SiteAware team, industry headlines, news and activities.

There were some predictions made about trends in the construction tech world over the last two years. 2016 was predicted as the year that BIM will enter the market, in 2017 the revolution took one step forward, as it was predicted that “IoT holds the potential to revolutionize the job site“. 2017 was definitely the year of the “Productivity revolution” in the construction world…

The question is no longer whether you entered the technology revolution or not, and not even how you are going to implement technology in your project. It is HOW this technology you would implement is going to provide true value and actionable data, other than making you drown in loads of information which is harder to manage.

There is so much data to capture and analyze. How do we know what is important? What can save you money? What can reduce hours spent on non-valuable details?

This is what SiteAware’s solution does. We are generating insights that are not obvious. Capturing unique and frequent project data and turning it in into a digital replica and actionable data with visual analytics.

We are looking forward to building a great 2018 together! Happy New Year.

Ori Aphek
Ori Aphek

Ori Aphek is an entrepreneur, with passion to innovative technological solutions to traditional industries. Prior to SiteAware, Ori founded Optigo, acquired by Elta. Ori is a Talpiot graduate, and holds an MBA from INSEAD, M.Sc. in EE and B.Sc. in Physics.

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