A Little Pre-Work to Eliminate Rework

A Little Pre-Work to Eliminate Rework

Rework, that six letter word associated with low quality and headaches. Although it is a widespread phenomenon that occurs on almost every project, under no way should it be accepted. You’d be surprised how much a few small tasks can help you cut down on the amount of rework and its effects.

Numerous reasons can cause rework, each involves some sort of deviation which can be grouped by source: design, fabrication or construction. No matter the cause, the result does not meet the project specifications and requirements and must be adjusted. However, whether it be a design omission, fabrication error or construction change, if caught on time, resulting rework can be avoided.

Enter digital replicas: a digital copy of your jobsite which appears entirely on your computer screen. The replicas can be created frequently by multiple sensors (most commonly – drones) and each provides a snapshot in time from the project’s lifetime. These replicas can be used to communicate more efficiently leading to less errors on account of misunderstandings. Moreover, by taking time to review the replicas, as you would ‘walk a site’ to review issues, variances otherwise gone uncaught can be picked up and acted upon.

Scheduling this virtual ‘site walk’ before key milestones occur on a project can be a key to their success. If any deviations are found, the replica can be used to clearly communicate the deviation, its location, and what should be done to remedy it.

How would we put the above into practice?

Let’s consider casting a large, complex slab-on-grade or a suspended floor on a deep foundation. We could make sure we have an updated replica taken once all inserts and pipes have been positioned, forms and reinforcements have been placed and secured. The replica could then be used to perform or enhance our pre-pour checklist, the advantages of the replica are the ability to view all areas of the slab (without stepping on rebar…) but also, to easily compare the design to what is currently present in the field by overlaying the design files over the replica – any deviation will be noticed easily. As mentioned above, if any deviations are indeed found, instructing your work crews where they are and how to fix them becomes a breeze.

(Plan vs. Actual of Column locations before setting up forms, as viewed with SiteAware Viewer where users can monitor, progress, analyze and inspect issues).

Rework and poor quality can be traced back to several reoccurring factors, many of which are a result of misunderstandings or misalignment. Digital replicas can mitigate these factors leading to better quality and preventing rework. An end-to-end digital replica solution like SiteAware has specific capabilities to help you improve project quality. Click here to learn more.

Yoav Wolfson
Yoav Wolfson

Product Manager at SiteAware, Yoav Wolfson is a construction professional with 10 years of experience working for both owners and contractors and holds a MSc. degree from the University of Texas' Construction Engineering and Project Management (CEPM) program.

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