BuiltWorlds Projects Conference NYC – Small Event with BIG Returns

BuiltWorlds Projects Conference NYC – Small Event with BIG Returns

It took a while for the dust to settle from NYC projects conference. But now, I must say, the BuiltWorlds team rocked with putting this conference together.

I will skip the most important descriptions about what a great venue it was (if you are in the Big Apple, check out Hub at Grand Central Tech) and how the breakout sessions were beneficial with the right people at the right time. I will not write about the great atmosphere, the great people that were there, some old friends and many new faces that I was happy to meet.

I will only tell you one thing- this event proved to me once again that the value and roadmap that we, at SiteAware, bring to the market resonates and is well accepted.

And I will explain:

Tim Croke, the First Vice President of Tishman Construction, said that “drone data was essential to the Cornell Tech project on Roosevelt Island”. He explained how over 4 years ago, before the technology was available, data collected from drones allowed him to see the reality on the ground. Now think about it – drones were not autonomous, and no 3D models were produced. But the guys at Tishman understood the value of this data for their project. I was fascinated to hear how companies are pioneering, and in this case, Tishman spotted the need before tech companies had a product out there just because they needed it. Just because this was going to help them with this project.

Now fast forward a couple of years later – here we are, digitizing job sites into actionable 3D data with situation-aware drones. Making it easy to enhance Project Monitoring, allowing a complete view of your project and exposure of invaluable insights that conventional solutions cannot deliver.

Another remarkable saying, which definitely took off with me on my way back home, was stated by Pierce Reynoldson, the VDC Manager of Metro NY at Skanska. His philosophy is “PEOPLE. Process. Technology. – in that order always.” This was so simple, accurate and “mind opening”. It suddenly made so much sense – of course this is the right order. What gives the right to exist for construction technology if it doesn’t help the processes that help the people who actually perform the work?

And you know what, this turns to be exactly what leads us at SiteAware. The SiteAware solution is all about augmenting your construction process and workflow with Visual Analytics and insights from the Digital Replica of the jobsite. Users can view their project, monitor progress and analyze it over time, inspect project issues, conduct exact measurements, share and collaborate insights with their teams, sub-contractors or any of their desired stakeholders.

I always like to listen to people that are out there – they help us put everything we do at SiteAware into industry perspective and context, clearly and accurately.

See you at the next great industry event!

Gil Mildworth
Gil Mildworth

With 25 years of executive business roles, marketing and strategic planning in highly complex technological environments, Gil Mildworth is passionate about business value creation by innovation. Gil is a Talpiot graduate, and holds M.Sc. in EE and B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics.

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