The Construction industry is undergoing tremendous change in terms of closing the digitalization and technology gap. Construction companies, developers and sub-contractors are starting to realize the benefits of using unique technological solutions as part of their actual construction processes to reduce ever-occurring project delays, cost overruns and disputes, which can account for tens of percentages of a project’s overall budget.

At SiteAware, we continuously work to disrupt this $10 billion market with innovation.

By capturing the “as-built” reality of construction sites, we build knowledge into construction and enhance construction efficiency – helping our customers to meet the budget, schedule, quality and safety of their projects.

SiteAware is the new brand for Dronomy – aiming at emphasizing our focus on providing our customers with jobsite awareness, construction data analysis and actionable insights. We continue to be the leading provider of visual capture and analytics solutions for the construction industry.

SiteAware is powered by a highly experienced and enthusiastic team of professionals with expertise in construction, drones, sensors, computer vision, software and 3D modeling, and is backed by strategic investors and top-notch VCs.

Management Team

Ori Aphek
Co-Founder, CEO
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Guy Raz, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, VP R&D
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Gil Mildworth
VP Business Development
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