Glass Buildings

A New Foundation for Construction Data

The competitive advantage unlocked by element level data in construction

Construction data today

Many industries have successfully used data to streamline operations and reduce waste and risk, and they’ve done so by harnessing data on the building blocks of their business: Retail tracks at the SKU level, digital mapping relies on GPS coordinates and Major League Baseball measures the velocity, position and break of every pitch. The opportunity for construction lies in systematically monitoring and measuring all the constituent elements: each individual plumbing sleeve, façade panel or embed installed on a jobsite.

Element-level construction data holds the key to the next phase of evolution in the industry. Turning every PT cable and embed into a data point that reflects its quality, schedule and location creates a universal vocabulary. This breaks down silos of information between project participants to create a common, measurable standard for construction for quality, performance, schedule, speed, conformance and how exposure is managed.