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DCV for
Low & Mid-Rise Construction

Stop Managing Errors
Start Preventing Them

The new standard of assurance

Low-rise projects are complex and fast-moving, which makes rapid identification of issues incredibly important to enable field teams to fix errors before they’re covered up. At the same time, subcontractors on low-rise projects typically lack the tools and resources to identify errors as installation is underway, which leads to a high rate of errors and warranty claims. 

Errors have a compounding effect, which means that preventing one mistake can prevent many, and more profound, negative effects downstream, from rework and quality compromises to overtime costs, RFIs and litigation. In addition to direct costs, the overhead required to examine issues and craft solutions weighs heavily on managers and consultants alike.

Join the leading general contractors, real estate developers and investors that are turning to the SiteAware digital construction verification (DCV) platform to build without rework. 

Prevent Errors and Rework at the Source

SiteAware enables you to minimize your exposure to rework by verifying conformance of every element to plans—as it’s being built. SiteAware’s industry-leading DCV delivers insights tuned to project specifications, so teams can take immediate action in the field.

During concrete pre-pour: Verify all structural elements and MEPF.

During installation: Verify all façade layers and workmanship.

During buildout: Verify all interior clearances, layouts and rough-ins.

Concrete Slab on Grade & Podiums


Excavation and layout of footings, grade beams and underground utilities before installing vapor barrier


MEP layout under the slab


Formwork layout including slab edges and openings 


Vapor barrier detailing and damage


Embed, hold-down, and MEP layout against shop drawings and architectural plans to confirm that they are laid out within the project-defined tolerances

Facades & Roof

Vapor barrier and flashing details, fastening, tears, and holes verified to specifications


Pre-roofing verification and layout confirmation of penetrations


All finishes including siding, stucco, brick verified for quality and aesthetic consistency of joints, fasteners, weeps, expansion joints, sealants, finish and more during exterior finishes stage


Railings, exterior elements, and specialty equipment 

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