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Keeping construction conformant to design requires constant involvement of designers and architects throughout the project. Changes to design and BIM due to actual site conditions always occur and need to be addressed in a timely manner to keep project schedules and quality.

Communication, Sharing & Collaboration

A typical RFI involves several cycles with stakeholders and takes about 10 days to close*. Moreover, it incurs significant cost, which is directly related to the ability to provide adequate and accurate response quickly.

SiteAware automatically creates visual-rich RFIs with high-resolution photos, 3D and 4D information, which are shared to all stakeholders keeping them “on the same page” and optimizing turn-around time.

*The Cost of RFIs and Best Practices for Construction Professionals, Shane Hedmond, September 16, 2015

Construction Supervision

Designers need to make sure the construction work conforms to their design in order to meet the client’s needs and ensure building safety and quality.

Comparing their CAD and BIM designs with the up-to-date “as-built” models captured by SiteAware, allows closer monitoring and supervision of the construction process and early identification of variances, which translate into cost savings and quality increase.

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