Learn How to Unlock Growth, Minimize Risk, and Protect Your Bottom Line With Construction Technology

Imagine you hired someone who never gets tired, never sleeps, consumes every aspect of the project specs, drawings, building information models, site safety plan – anything that you give that person they consume it, they retain it. All day, SiteAware walks around your slab and looks for things that don’t match the project information you gave them, or they scour your envelope for things that don’t match, are missing, installed incorrectly or damaged.

– Todd Harper, Austin Commercial

SiteAware gives us the assurance that our teams know exactly what to look for on the projects to keep them moving and deliver with quality as a focus. With the labor shortage, it ramps up a new person by backfilling with a real-time observation that otherwise takes years of experience to gain.


– John Andres, ANDRES Construction

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