Build certainty. Avoid rework.

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Digital Construction Verification 

Digital Construction Verification 

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A new level of certainty and confidence in construction

SiteAware DCV is a Construction Support System that verifies fieldwork according to plans

Verify 100% of installed elements in real-time

Improve certainty in project cost, schedule, & quality

Achieve First Time Quality without compromising your pace of work

SiteAware DCV Platform

Closing the gap between plans and construction
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Core DCV

Real-time complete dimensional verification of concrete construction


Shell DCV

Continuous verification and documentation of facade installation and pre-populated punchlists


Interiors DCV

Dimensional verification of layout and clearances during roughing-in, before closing up walls

Trusted by Industry Leaders
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“SiteAware's digital verification has been a game changer for our quality control process here in Austin, TX. We have saved money, time, and resources by avoiding errors and minimizing rework. I highly recommend using their services to help document and verify project progress and improve quality control.”

 Andrea Weisheimer

Project Executive, DPR Construction

Selected Projects 

Hines Southwest region pioneered using SiteAware DCV and we’ve successfully used it to mitigate risk and maximize efficiency in the construction process. 

Our partnership has led to more projects and we continue to develop ways to make fieldwork more efficient together with their technology.

Lars Koster

Senior Vice President, Hines Southwest

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Houston, TX 77002

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