Pouring Concrete from Above

What is SiteAware DCV?

Increase Productivity and Minimize Risk Exposure with Digital Construction Verification 

The SiteAware Digital Construction Verification (DCV) platform increases productivity and minimizes risk exposure across construction projects while eliminating costly, time-consuming rework. Proven to handle the complexity, intensity and need for high accuracy in commercial real estate projects, it’s the solution of choice for market leaders such as Hines, Whiting-Turner, DPR, Turner, Ryan Companies, Manhattan Construction, ANDRES, Trammell Crow Company, Related, Invesco and Tishman Speyer.

SiteAware’s industry-leading DCV platform generates in-process actionable insights through complete verification of the building’s structure, shell and interiors. In doing so, it enables you to connect your digital plans to the built world.

Industry Challenge

Rework in Construction

Rework resulting from construction errors is more than merely tolerated today—it’s expected and built in up front to project budgets and timelines, accounting for $273 billion worth of construction errors each year in the U.S. 


Errors have a compounding effect, which means that preventing one mistake can prevent many, and more profound, negative effects downstream, from rework and workarounds to overtime, RFIs and litigation. In addition to direct costs, the overhead required to examine issues and craft solutions weighs heavily on managers and consultants alike.

Industry Solution

Purpose-built to prevent errors in construction at the source, digital construction verification enables general contractors, real estate developers and investors to:

Digital Contruction Verification

Boost Productivity

Ensure quality at speed with actionable insights during—not after—installation of the building's structure, shell and interiors.

Avoid project schedule delays by getting in front of potential errors with real-time, element-level fieldwork observations.

Prevent compounding errors, including clashes with other plans, critical missing elements and the persistent misreading of plans. 

Track and correct errors seamlessly by giving trades the tools they need to collaborate. 

Manage trade performance with real-time insights into the quality and completeness of fieldwork. 

Reduce Exposure to Risk

Get ahead of exposure to financial and reputational risk by digitally verifying conformance of every constructed element to its plans.

Identify plan coordination errors early. 

Standardize performance and lower the cost of construction. 

Harness a system of record to protect against latent liabilities and disputes.

Set quality standards within the DCV platform by trade and element, so you can move at speed while no longer leaving error rates to chance. 

Increase first-time quality across all trades by leveraging feedback to improve performance as work is in progress.

The SiteAware DCV Advantage: Build without rework   


Seamlessly Support Field Teams

SiteAware enables you to manage your subcontractors with actionable observations, collaborate remotely with your team and use data for better decision-making.

SiteAware’s turnkey DCV solution for the building’s structure, shell and interiors works in the background during construction and requires no maintenance, training or operation by the end user. 

SiteAware’s data capture process on jobsites is non-disruptive to field teams and project schedules, as it is proven to accommodate even the most aggressive project timelines (e.g., tight concrete pour schedules).

Rework is hidden throughout the jobsite, typically accounting for 5% of the elements being built. SiteAware enables you to minimize your exposure to rework by verifying conformance of every element to plans—as it’s being built. It delivers insights tuned to project specifications, so teams can take immediate action in the field. 

Targeting construction errors at the source increases quality and speed at the same time, allowing field teams to complete each installation more quickly and move onto the next cycle in fieldwork with certainty. With drones and robotic cameras, you can ensure that there are no barriers to access for inspections.

During pre-pour: Verify all structural elements and MEPF.   

During installation: Verify all façade layers and workmanship. 

During layout: Verify all interior clearances, layouts and rough-ins. 

Make Existing Processes Faster, More Accurate


Effortlessly Create a System of Record

With easy-to-use as-builts that document every element, SiteAware provides continuity of the level of detail between the designed and installed elements. Multi-layered digital as-builts, which are automatically generated from DCV digital twins and plans, are maintained for future reference as a virtual x-ray of the structure, shell and interiors. Leverage SiteAware’s digital documentation to:

Improve coordination and prevent errors in downstream stages of construction.

Stop chasing down information to update outdated CAD files for as-builts; SiteAware’s automatically generated DCV as-builts combine CAD information with what was actually built.

Remove assumptions and write-downs during transactions.

Make fast decisions during construction based on an exact, accessible dimensional record of every element installed at every stage of construction. 

Inform post-construction building modifications, tenant improvements and assurance to the owner as the property evolves over decades.

Eliminate the guesswork in facilities management.

Integrate DCV data and plans natively with industry-standard CAD/BIM and construction management software.

The SiteAware Approach:
Tackle the Root Cause of Rework 

We start at the source: by tagging every element in your CAD, BIM and shop drawings and then verifying that they are being installed in line with your defined tolerances. The process generates actionable insights for field teams and clear progress and quality data for managers.  


While the industry typically quantifies construction according to square footage, SiteAware looks at the element level across trades, which allows SiteAware to measure the project in a way that takes into account the full complexity and intensity of construction as well as the accompanying need for accuracy. 


By tagging and verifying each element, SiteAware enables you to not only prevent errors at the point of origin but also gain a granular picture of construction performed—one that extends across the project (or portfolio of projects). 


SiteAware DCV identifies potential errors at the element level according to each project’s specified tolerances and standards (e.g., dimensional and clash tolerances in addition to workmanship and manufacturers’ installation standards).

Element-level data provides a whole new perspective on construction—one that breaks down silos of information between project participants to create a common, measurable standard for construction for quality, performance, schedule, speed, conformance and engagement in fixing errors.