Digital Construction Verification 

Build certainty. Avoid rework.

SiteAware Digital Construction Verification 

Setting a new level

of certainty in construction

Modern design poses significant challenges to fieldwork

Contemporary projects create substantial risks in the field as a consequence of the level of detail, scheduling, and coordination work required. Throughout construction, gaps emerge in the process of conforming thousands of elements in plans to fieldwork, resulting in risks that impact schedule, budget, and final product outcomes.

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SiteAware DCV Platform

De-risk gaps in fieldwork with technology

SiteAware provides a Construction Support System that enables your field teams to achieve first time quality without compromising the pace of work. Our Digital Construction Verification (DCV) platform generates in-process actionable insights through 100% verification of construction elements in real-time.

Verify 100% of elements in the field in real-time to increase performance


Manage teams & subs using unique data and insights into your project

Eliminate surprises to keep your project on schedule

Protect your margins & gain an edge over the competition

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Core DCV

Real-time complete dimensional verification of concrete formwork, MEPF, PT Tendons, embeds, edge of slab, columns


Shell DCV

Continuous verification and documentation of facade installation for curtain wall, masonry, stone, precast, glazing, stucco, metal panels, sealants


Interiors DCV

Dimensional verification of layout, clearances, and rough-ins before closing up walls

Selection of projects

“SiteAware's digital verification has been a game changer for our quality control process here in Austin, TX. We have saved money, time, and resources by avoiding errors and minimizing rework.


I highly recommend using SiteAware to help document and verify project progress and improve quality control.”

Andrea Weisheimer 

Project Executive, DPR Construction

Computer vision and AI identify 100% of elements

Maximize your investment in planning tools with complementary field technology that closes the information gap in the field


Adeline multifamily project tops out early with SiteAware

31 days ahead of schedule on the superstructure

$3.6M in inefficiencies avoided

108 deck reports delivered

37,430 elements verified & creation of digital as-built

First Time Quality Accelerates Project Schedules

"SiteAware verification and documentation of blockouts, sleeves, embedded items, and slab edges has allowed us to maximize our quality assurance efficiency. When compared to our typical quality assurance efforts prior to concrete placement, we experienced a significant reduction in time to complete. 

SiteAware has proven to be an invaluable partner to the Whiting-Turner team on the Adeline multifamily project in Phoenix."

Andrew Dowd

Sr. Superintendent, Whiting-Turner


Adeline Multifamily Project, Phoenix, AZ

387,525 square feet, 25 stories

Win your next job by assuring a new level of certainty for your customers

Leverage DCV technology to increase confidence and certainty in project outcomes. Reduce the risks to your project's schedule and budget by ensuring first time quality and eliminating rework. 

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