General Contractors


As a General Contractors, meeting project’s budget, timelines and quality is your prime concern. The ability to objectively monitor the progress of your entire project daily, with the ability to easily inspect quality, document, share and report project status to the various stakeholders is fundamental to meeting your prime objectives.

Progress Monitoring & Reporting

Getting a visual, objective and accurate status of your project is by itself extremely valuable. Obtaining 3D models of the project status which can be analyzed over time for progress – 4D, open new dimensions, never available before, for identifying project delays ahead of time.

Easily creating meaningful visual daily or weekly reports makes your customers reassured, while aligning them on project status. With the ability to instantly create and save snapshots of the 3D/4D models, with your annotations, comments and mark-ups, your hours spent on reporting activity become a quick and easy task.


Continuous validation of the actual “as-built” model to the BIM plans (“as-planned”) ensures that deviations, errors and delays are found early enough and considerable amount of rework is eliminated.

SiteAware accurately captures your “as-built”, automatically compares it to your BIM and highlights discrepancies. Exact “as-built” measurements – linear, slope, area and volumetric, can be made on all 2D/3D/4D models for obtaining quantitative information.

Site Management & Logistics

Having your most up-to-date site data digitally available, allows superintendents, site managers or site engineers, to save invaluable time and to streamline the work by quickly and effectively resolve job-site issues.

Site logistics decisions, investigation of site locations beyond reach, in-depth analysis of day’s progress, creation of punch-items or preparation of reports are easily done either at the trailer or while walking the site.

Quality Control

Maintaining quality during construction pays back. Monitoring the quality throughout the entire project requires adequate and timely control of construction activities across the entire site.

With SiteAware, every angle of your project is captured with high resolution imagery, allowing mm-level inspection of quality issues. issues can automatically initiate rich punch-items, which are fully integrated with leading construction management software solutions.

Contextual Documentation

Documenting the site during construction is a tedious manual task that consumes significant human effort, especially at larger sites. The result is hundreds of photos that are difficult to put in context or to retrieve.

SiteAware autonomously documents your site with high-resolution photos, as frequently as you want. Photos are always in context to their location and viewpoint on the 3D model, all are stored and easy to retrieve. Selecting any scan date would show the set of photos of that time.

Communication, Sharing & Collaboration

Communicating and sharing accurate and objective project insights, which all can understand in the same way, is key to streamlining the work of multiple teams and sub-contractors – and had been found to be a major factor in meeting project cost, time and quality.

Sharing realistic 3D/4D models of the project as it progresses to your customers, developers, architects and real-estate developers, resolves confusions and eliminates possible future misunderstanding. SiteAware automatically generates and sends visually-rich RFIs to relevant project stakeholders and shortens turn-around time.

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