Digital Construction Verification 

Create value. Avoid rework.

SiteAware Digital Construction Verification 

Hines & SiteAware

Closing the gap between plans and construction
Modern design poses significant challenges to fieldwork

Contemporary projects create substantial risks in the field as a consequence of the level of detail, scheduling, and coordination work required. Throughout construction, gaps emerge in the process of conforming thousands of elements in plans to fieldwork, resulting in risks that impact schedule, budget, and final product outcomes

SiteAware DCV Platform

De-risk gaps in fieldwork with technology

SiteAware provides a construction support system that enables field teams to achieve first time quality without compromising on the speed of construction. Our Digital Construction Verification (DCV) platform generates in-process actionable insights through 100% verification of construction elements in real-time.

Prevent errors from escalating to project-crippling proportions by eliminating the risk at the source

Maximize your investment by equipping your team with tools to focus on productive work, not rework

Defend against latent liabilities and disputes by achieving first time quality with the documentation to prove it

Core DCV

Real-time complete dimensional verification of concrete construction

Shell DCV

Continuous verification and documentation of facade installation and pre-populated punchlists

Interiors DCV

Dimensional verification of layout and clearances during roughing-in, before closing up walls

Computer vision and AI identify 100% of elements

Maximize your investment in planning tools with complementary field technology that closes the information gap in the field


Delivering first-rate quality together on over a dozen projects 

For the past two years Hines has worked closely with SiteAware to define a new norm for the verification process in the field. Collaboration with Hines construction managers and the general contractors led to a solution that repeatedly and consistently demonstrated benefits in the field.

Hines Southwest region pioneered using SiteAware DCV and we’ve successfully used it to mitigate risk and maximize efficiency in the construction process. 

Our partnership has led to more projects and we continue to develop ways to make fieldwork more efficient together with their technology.

Lars KosterSenior Vice President, Hines Southwest

Adeline multifamily project tops out early with SiteAware

31 days ahead of schedule on the superstructure

$3.6M in inefficiencies avoided

108 deck reports delivered

37,430 elements verified & creation of digital as-built

First Time Quality Accelerates Project Schedules

We are topping out our super structure between 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule and we've had no major issues arise throughout framing that we would normally experience.

The only difference on this project is that we have SiteAware. The rework this has saved has been invaluable as an owner - and prevented all the fights and headaches that go along with it.”

Scott King, Sr. Construction Manager Hines

Adeline Multifamily Project, Phoenix, AZ

387,525 square feet, 25 stories

After working with SiteAware on multiple projects, we've seen continuous advancement in the services they provide to mitigate cost, quality risks, and schedule on each of those projects.


I can see SiteAware becoming a critical service that is a catalyst to the success of projects, where contractors, subcontractors, and owners will require it on every project.”

Jerry Lea, Executive Vice President, Hines

Working together to lower risk on your next development project

Construction errors and their consequences can happen to any project, regardless of the planning and experience of the teams involved. We’re privileged to collaborate with Hines to set a new norm for innovation that targets this challenge, offloading some of the risks associated with new development. 

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