The technology Hines
is using to eliminate errors on job sites

Real estate is a fast-paced world, and developers and contractors need to tap the latest technologies to stay ahead of the curve. For industry leader Hines, SiteAware’s Digital Construction Verification (DCV) is a key piece of their technology approach, helping them zero in on deficiencies and drive continuous improvement.

With SiteAware’s DCV, Hines is empowered to constantly adapt as a firm, setting the benchmark for competitors. Thanks to DCV’s element-level detail, the Hines team is able to avoid costly errors and major rework on their projects, beginning to imagine a world where large contingency budgets are no longer needed. 




Topping out ahead
of schedule

Join major players in the real estate industry who are turning to SiteAware’s DCV and see why Hines CEO Mark Cover says SiteAware provides something no one else does.

Prevent Errors and Rework
at the Source

During concrete pre-pour: Verify all structural elements and MEPF.

During installation: Verify all façade layers and workmanship.

During buildout: Verify all interior clearances, layouts and rough-ins.