Owners & Real-Estate Developers


Project owners and Real-Estate Developers, need to stay on top of their projects by continuously monitoring their progress and addressing potential risks. Today, the lack of frequent, unbiased and comprehensive visual information from job-sites makes it quite costly to assess the project status and control related cost and time.

Remote Progress Monitoring

Regardless of where your projects are physically located, SiteAware capture the reality of projects status, and makes them available for you to ‘visit’ online.

With the ability to view, analyze, document and share, the SiteAware dashboard saves the costs of frequent travel to your sites, while providing an objective reality capture and progress analysis.

Communication, Sharing & Collaboration

Coherent visual communication with your GC around project issues, dramatically reduces potential misunderstandings, shortens RFI turn-around times and streamlines team problem solving processes.

SiteAware automatically generated RFIs are visually rich and consistent with the information on site, thus can be promptly addressed.

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