On-demand Construction Quality Intelligence

SiteAware’s Build-to-Plan™ is a new generation Construction Support System that provides automated verification of every installed element as you build so that every team member knows where their attention is needed to stay on plan—in the field, in the office, and for your business.

Trade Partners

Ensure that every element is where it was planned to be with real-time notifications that prevent errors and protect your margins.





Curtain Wall


Vapor Barrier


Error Prevention Technology

Actionable data that’s built to use in the field

Project Leaders

Manage trade partners with actionable data that assures quality and schedule, and takes emotions out of the equation.

High Rise


High Rise


Manage with Data

See how the platform enables you to build as planned

Business Leaders

Leverage a new breed of data analytics to measure and compare performance and risk across your portfolio for greater certainty in construction.

Know What Matters

Get ahead of difficult decisions with real-time data

Prepare for B2P

Build-to-Plan™ is setting a new standard of digital quality assurance for construction that elevates the performance of all stakeholders. You can look objectively at how each project, each trade partner, and each team performs, and see how they compare to others across your company and across the industry. Dashboards with leading indicators for performance and risk allow you to build projects with more confidence and to bid on them with real data. Understand what’s building your business–and what’s holding it back.

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