SiteAware Overview

SiteAware helps Construction Companies and Real-Estate Developers to enhance their Project Monitoring and Site Management by digitizing their job sites into actionable 3D data with situation-aware drones.

SiteAware captures your data in a way that allows you to see your site as never seen before. Every angle of your project is covered with high resolution imagery, later transformed into precise 2D/3D/4D models capturing your current project status. The result is a complete view of your project and exposure of invaluable insights that conventional solutions cannot deliver.

How it Works

  • Plan

  • Scan

  • Process

  • Analyze

SiteAware Planner

With SiteAware Planner planning and control application, the drone positions itself accurately in space, delivering extremely high-precision, objective data which is consistent between flights and easy to compare. This is critical for accurate 3D scanning and frequent progress monitoring.

Planning an entire complex mission is as easy as tapping the structure contour. The optimal flight path is automatically generated, ensuring visual Line-Of-Sight (LOS) persistency, as may be required by regulations (FAA Part 107), and supporting battery swaps. The drone flies autonomously low and close to objects and bypasses obstacles identified along its path – precisely capturing high resolution images of your site.

SiteAware Drone

With its stack of technologies, SiteAware transforms off-the-shelf consumer drones into powerful construction tools, delivering the most precise and comprehensive construction site data.

SiteAware uses drone’s real-time obstacle sensors and proprietary algorithms to ensure safe and stress-free flight in construction sites. Dozens of high-resolution images of your site are captured while drone follows its complex flight path fully autonomously.

SiteAware Cloud

Images are uploaded to the SiteAware Cloud for automatic processing and quality assurance check, resulting in high accuracy 2D/3D/4D models of the job site – all can be geo-referenced.

Your most up-to-date data is accessed with a web browser, either at the office, remote location or even while walking the site. Your assets are stored on the SiteAware Cloud and can be always accessed or downloaded to your local drive.

SiteAware Viewer

With a digital realistic representation of your project, the SiteAware Viewer is all about adding insights and knowledge into your construction process. The automatically processed models on the SiteAware Cloud are accessed with SiteAware Viewer via standard web browser on any device.

Users can view their project, monitor progress and analyze it over time, inspect project issues, conduct exact measurements, take snapshots of their views and share them with their teams, sub-contractors or any of their desired stakeholders.

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