SiteAware Overview

SiteAware provides Real-Estate developers, owners and construction companies with digital construction quality monitoring solutions. SiteAware provides continuous quality inspection reports of buildings under construction, as well as completed buildings. We scan facades and the building’s structure (decks), compare as-built to plans and verify the quality requirements. We provide an inspection report that confirms the quality of execution and highlights issues which should be addressed. The digital inspection is provided as a turn-key service. SiteAware performs the data capture using drones-robots and other sensors, computer vision, AI and the a detailed quality conformation report.

How it Works

  • Plan

  • Scan

  • Process

  • Analyze

Facade Inspection

SiteAware provides facade inspection reports for buildings by capturing high resolution visual data using autonomous drones and robotic-cameras, applying computer vision and AI algorithms to deliver a detailed list of quality issues to be addressed. The inspection report lists the issues found on the building’s elevation map, or on an image of the façade enabling precise and cost-effective correction action. The detailed inspection detection of cracks, missing caulking, missing or loose bolts etc.

Our inspection services address the needs of the different stages in the building’s life span:

New construction – During the construction phase, façade inspection is required to verify that the installation complies with the envelope design and building material manufacturer instructions that ensure the system’s warranty are upheld.

Recently completed buildings – The handover inspection of a recently finished building, or punch list, is an inspection of the quality of the installation and workmanship for the façade elements.

Existing buildings – We provide façade inspection reports to buyers and owners as part of a transaction. We also provide façade inspections reports required for breakdown maintenance.

Structure (Deck) Conformation

SiteAware provides online deck inspections for buildings under construction. We shift the repetitive and ongoing quality control process from a manual effort performed by humans to a digital activity leveraging robotics, computer vision, and AI. Within hours from scan, SiteAware provides a report detailing non-conformation of the as-built from the design. The errors can be corrected before the concrete pour, dramatically lowering rework costs.

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