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The First Digital Construction Verification Platform for Buildings

It is a monumental undertaking to translate the level of detail of modern building design into concrete and steel in the field. Manual verification of thousands of details is inherently limited, escalating project risks that inflate construction budgets and schedules.

SiteAware Digital Construction Verification closes the gap between plans and construction in real-time, ensuring consistent quality and preventing rework. The SiteAware DCV platform generates in-process actionable insights through complete verification of core, shell, and interiors installation.

Quality at Speed

Accelerate your schedule and eliminate rework through consistent and accurate alignment of fieldwork to plans.

Clarity Through Data

Make informed management decisions using real-time insights into installation quality and completeness.

Defend Against Risk

Fortify your project against latent liabilities and disputes by achieving first time quality with the documentation to prove it.


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Levels verified




Elements verified


SiteAware DCV Platform

Get a new digital perspective on your projects

Automatically generate high-accuracy as-built documentation

Utilize SiteAware’s digital twins to enable teams with remote collaboration

Understand project trends and make informed decisions with actionable analytics

Seamless integration into existing construction processes

Core DCV

Real-time complete dimensional verification of concrete construction

Shell DCV

Continuous verification and documentation of facade installation and pre-populated punchlists

Interiors DCV

Dimensional verification of layout and clearances during roughing-in, before closing up walls


Trusted by Industry Leaders

“SiteAware's digital verification has been a game changer for our quality control process here in Austin, TX. We have saved money, time, and resources by avoiding errors and minimizing rework. I highly recommend using their services to help document and verify project progress and improve quality control.”

—  Andrea Weisheimer, Project Executive, DPR Construction

DCV for the Entire Project Team

For Owners & Investors

  • Equip your field operations with the most advanced digital verification technology 

  • Mitigate construction risks and protect your investment

  • Maximize asset value in future transactions with a new standard of digital construction documentation

For Developers

  • Protect your budget and schedule from avoidable rework

  • Focus on productive work utilizing technology to manage inconsistencies in the field

  • Avoid long punchlists and associated latent risks

For General Contractors

  • Manage your subs with technology to achieve your quality standards

  • Avoid inefficiencies impacting your competitiveness and margins

  • Sail through your warranty period with digital records of the construction work



SiteAware was founded in 2015 by tech industry veterans to harness computer vision and AI to set a new standard of verification in the field of building construction. Having completed numerous projects with industry leaders, the company raised a series A round of funding in 2020 to accelerate the use of Digital Construction Verification in the industry.


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