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We believe that the commercial real estate and construction industry can work more productively. Construction is the largest industry in the world, and it is an amazing industry when you consider the knowledge, experience, imagination, and drive it takes to build the infrastructure for our lives. But the cost of the risks involved in construction is unparalleled as well. Rework has been accepted as the cost of doing business, and this has normalized a level of uncertainty that creates liability and stress, dragging down quality and inflating schedules and costs.

These challenges have been successfully addressed in other manufacturing sectors through digitization of processes. At SiteAware, we have digitized the quality assurance of construction fieldwork, setting a new standard of 100% verification. We believe that this dramatically increases the level of certainty in construction: certainty in quality, in schedule, and in budgets. Our team of construction professionals and software engineers have brought today’s computer vision and AI capabilities to the construction site in real time to enable this new standard.

We believe that it is possible to forget managing fieldwork by spot-checking and making assumptions and that you can track every element as it’s being built for more control and measurable certainty. We are creating the missing assurance to close the gaps between your construction plan and your construction site, so every construction site can run as predictably as a factory does.


Zeev Braude

CEO, Co-Founder

Tom Kirk

VP Sales

Maayan Shekel


Brian Reyes

VP Customer Success

Shane Raviv

VP Platform & Delivery

Sophie Caspi

VP Finanace

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