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SiteAware partners with companies that are looking to unlock their growth potential with technology. Our customers are market leaders that help us shape the future of this new technology category, setting new standards, and defining the next generation construction environment.

Getting started with BuildToPlan™ is easy

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The software connects to your document management system like anyone else on your project team. Your drawing standards are mapped in the system to automatically tag all elements that will be installed so that they can be digitally verified throughout installation.


Every project is different, so your project’s specific tolerances and specifications tune the platform’s standards so that all of the insights generated are actionable for your team.


Our White Glove Onboarding kicks off with a targeted one-hour meeting to get your project team up and running. Our implementation managers continue to support your team and trade partners with training and best practices that guide them through using this new data to elevate their workflows.


We’ll work with your executive team to set measurable goals for your evaluation of Build-to-Plan. Within 30 days, you’ll see the results. Your teams won’t want to work without it. And your business will benefit from Build-to-Plan’s actionable intelligence.

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