DCV Accelerates Multifamily High-Rise

Project: Adeline Multifamily, Phoenix, AZ

  • Luxury high-rise residential apartments
  • $95M construction cost
  • 387,525 ft2  floor area
  • 25 stories, 379 units

The Adeline luxury high-rise residential project at the Collier Center in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, is a complex high-end multifamily apartment project demanding high-quality construction to enable high performance operation of the asset. The design called for over 40,000 MEPF, concrete, and steel elements in the structure to be located precisely in order to interface properly with designed facade and interior elements. The developer, Hines Southwest Region, was committed to meeting their business goals without compromising on the delivery schedule or construction quality, and without significant rework.

Hines chose SiteAware’s Digital Construction Verification (DCV) platform to achieve First Time Quality (FTQ) in the Adeline’s structure, and prevent errors to reduce associated rework costs and delays. SiteAware onboarded the general contractor, Whiting-Turner, in a matter of hours, seamlessly incorporating their BIM, CAD, shop drawings, and concrete pour schedule into the DCV platform.

SiteAware DCV digitally verified each concrete pour for installation progress, quality, and dimensional layout. The Superintendent received SiteAware’s rapid pre-pour observation data identifying errors and omissions in the slab relative to the client’s plans and shop drawings. Whiting-Turner and its subcontractors could then make the relevant corrections before concrete was poured. Following each pour, as-built documentation was generated, serving as the project’s source-of-truth, ensuring confidence in construction quality and transparency for the project. SiteAware helped Whiting-Turner achieve FTQ, enabling them to speed up their pour schedule without compromising on standards.

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