Why Element-Level Data
Is the Future of the Construction Industry

A New Foundation

for Construction Data



Why existing data reporting falls short.

The metrics that affect Performance and Coordination.

Industry and trade-specific insights.

How to start using element-level data today.

Construction data at the element level - each individual plumbing sleeve, slab edge, or embed installed on a jobsite - holds the key to the next phase of evolution in the industry. Turning every PT cable and embed into a data point creates a universal vocabulary and a common, measurable standard for quality, performance, schedule, speed, conformance and how exposure is managed in construction.

This white paper analyzes field-verified data on hundreds of thousands of elements installed on a wide variety of construction projects to understand the primary drivers of financial loss, schedule delays, uncertainty and owner discontent on jobsites. That analysis led to the development of two key indices—the Performance Index and the Coordination Index.